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About Myself

Mary Karsten Biography
Born and Raised in West Michigan, Mary Karsten is a Photographer who lives in Grand Rapids Michigan. She has strong ties to Traverse City, Michigan and enjoys spending time there as well. When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Mary likes to go skiing with her family, practice yoga, spend warm sunny days on the beach, and grow fresh garlic from her garden.
Her studies include a background in historical photography processes, film in both 35mm and large format, digital photography and lighting techniques. She was honored with an Associates degree in Fine Arts from Grand Rapids Community College. Her educational background developed her strong passion in photography that goes well beyond capturing memories. In her spare time, Mary continues taking classes at GRCC, enjoying her time spent in the dark room, printing and processing 4x5 negatives in her pursuit to master her craft.
Mary Karsten aspires to reflect the true individual personalities and beauty in each and every one of her clients. In doing this, she creates an optimal environment which makes her clients feel both comfortable and confident. While Mary works with many different clients she is able to use her unique style to capture those precious moments and a multitude of emotions.
You will find that Mary has an endless drive to evolve her vision as a portrait photographer while knowing the importance of carrying her camera with a sense of humor, compassion and curiosity. Through continued education, experience, support, and inspiration, she strives to create unforgettable quality photographs that will last a lifetime.
Please feel free to contact Mary regarding any of your photography needs!